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Lingzhi slimming tea 100% herbal slimming tea weight loss tea

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Lingzhi slimming tea 100% herbal slimming tea weight loss tea

China Lingzhi slimming tea 100% herbal slimming tea  weight loss tea supplier
Lingzhi slimming tea 100% herbal slimming tea  weight loss tea supplier Lingzhi slimming tea 100% herbal slimming tea  weight loss tea supplier

Large Image :  Lingzhi slimming tea 100% herbal slimming tea weight loss tea

Product Details:

Brand Name: LINGZHI slimming tea

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 50boxes
Price: 7.5-12.5usd
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000pcs per week
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Detailed Product Description

Lingzhi slimming tea 100% herbal slimming tea  weight loss teaLingzhi slimming tea 100% herbal slimming tea  weight loss tea


Lingzhi slimming tea  tea by Japanese wild Ganoderma lucidum and various plant essence and into. Mainly aimed
Accumulation of fat and toxins, to eliminate the accumulation of toxins in the subcutaneous fat in the lymph flow, solution
Eliminate the body floating fat and sebum secretion and other issues, to join the second generation of Japanese dietary fiber: start the intestines
Tract bacteria, improve homemade defecation and deep conditioning and intestinal digestive function, help to enhance metabolism,
The excess fat waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs and other parts into the stool excreted, to nourish,
Detoxification and slimming multiple effect (with thin body slimming accelerated perfect.)
[Ling Zhi] anti nerve aging and aging, beauty beauty, anti tumor, liver detoxification, for gastric ulcer has obvious inhibitory effect for ulcer disease * * and * * and so on.
[hemp] Runzao, for diabetes of yin deficiency in patients with intestinal dryness, and Yiqi medicine with the use, with Ziyin tonic and moistening dryness, the heart damage repair and the function of health care.
[] Cassia Qinggan Mingmu diuresis laxative, lowering blood pressure, reducing blood fat, weight loss
[honeysuckle] dispelling wind heat, detoxification
[flowers] functions: Jieshu dampness, spleen and.
[rose] qi stagnation, and blood, pain, beauty
Chamomile [] scattered wind heat, Liver eyesight, antipyretic, sedative
[green tea] detoxification, detoxification, lowering blood fat
Main efficacy:
To promote neutral fat decomposition and inhibit sugar absorption
Suppression of neutral fat accumulation and diuretic detoxification
Increase the intestinal good meat bacteria and prevent bad breath, acne
Regulation function balance and constipation patients have * * role
1, detoxification disappear fat, serious constipation: two packs a day, soaked in boiling water 8 minutes, but many brew.
2, beauty care: a daily bag, immerse boiling water for 8 minutes, but many brew.
1 fat adjustment period: new oil and prevent it sucked into fat cells, and the original fat burning. Strengthen the intestinal peristalsis and defecation and increase the discharge of softening stool. Soothing Duchang, increase the sense of lightness.
2, fat balance period: focus on the decomposition of stubborn fat, narrow polyester wai. Helps to inhibit sugar into fat, balance the body moisture. The percentage of fat decreased and the waist hip ratio began to improve.
3, line tightening period: to help inhibit the new fat, the formation and consolidation of fat cell volume. Muscle becomes stronger and increases the proportion of lean muscle tissue. Improve the size and girth ratio, standard weight recovery.
4, the consolidation of the United States Period: the body gradually adapt to the new in vivo situation, to maintain a balanced state. Sustained citation to maintain intestinal health, reduce shake effect. Maintain strong body weight and slim.
Fast and effective weight loss
Through advanced extraction technology extract high purity of the effective components of classical herbal weight-loss plant essence (tea polyphenols and lotus leaf element of double effect reduction factor combined action), plant force directed by burning excess fat, rapid decomposition excess fatty acids, from the body through the excretion of circulating in the body.
Natural safety green weight loss
Slim glossy ganoderma tea with high quality green tea and classic herbal weight-loss as raw materials and refined, scientific formula, does not contain western medicine is access to state food and Drug Administration approved a health food, in terms of safety requirements than drugs more strictly, can rest assured that use. Natural herbal ingredients "minus" "run" unity, reduces the fat and smooth skin and fine lines, rapid improvement of the orange peel phenomenon, immediately tighten the skin, stimulate the elastic fiber growth, to tighten the loose skin and restore the original skin elasticity.
Weight loss does not rebound
In accordance with the correct method of taking thin ganoderma tea, insist on taking a cycle can achieve weight loss rebound effect is not good. Scientific formula focus reduction while adding conditioning ingredients, improve the body metabolism, starting from the waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs, stop thin fat rebound regeneration and fat accumulation, to lose weight do not rebound.
No diarrhea not kill
Ganoderma lucidum thin tea weight loss mechanism is to promote exclusive, conditioning the environment, increase metabolism, unlike laxatives to "purge" the main way to lose weight. A small number of people may have mild abdominal pain, most people have the role of defecation, stool becomes soft, thin, the number of times increased. Take weight loss tea early defecation will be in 4 - 3 times / day. With the onset of symptoms, the symptoms will gradually disappear, during which do not have to worry about the continued use of.
Good taste, easy to take
Taste fragrance, like tea. Only once a day to drink.
This product does not contain laxatives, or other ingredients cause diarrhea, ages.
Avoid use person:
A. pregnant women, lactating women disabled, menstrual period should be suspended for drinking.
B. sixteen years old the following avoid use.
C. taking diuretics, sedative drugs, hormone drugs, contraceptives and other weight loss products, can affect the weight loss of weight loss tea effect, it should not be taken at the same time.
D. severe * *, kidney disease patients disabled.
Specification: 3g*30 bag / box

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